Love Affair

It’s always been you.

I find myself smiling on a breezy, spring day
watching you whistle through the trees and
dance between the sun streams.

One by one,
you led the chorus of buds
into blooming crescendos,
opening their mouths wide,
serenading the sidewalk
and strangers passing by
in bursts of beaming laughter.

You introduced yourself to me.

Falling over the words
you so desperately tried to give me,
piece by piece,
until I could put the puzzle together.

Kidnapping me from boredom,
whisking me to adventures of
love, pain and all things in between.

You grabbed my foot.

Tripping with hits on the ground
and springing back up,
down, up, down,
my body shakes.

You’ve entered my blood stream,
running through my body.
Control dissipates.

It’s always been you.

Finding your way to me,
even when I, myself, was lost
through the rhythms
and cobalts,
the metaphors
and symphonies.


My first true love.