i tell stories

(& corny jokes)

And who am i?

Alyssa Townsend

But you can call me ATOWN.

(The X is meaningless)

Or at least it used to be. Like an underscore or a period in a social media handle, its origin lies in a second best option. But its evolved since then, taking on a life of its own: X & Co. 

I’ve always been a little half and half — half introvert (INTJ), half extrovert (ENFP). Half dedicated researcher, half whimsical experimenter. Half planner, half go-with-the-flow.

This disposition lends perfectly to carefully crafted communications strategies, which must pivot and adapt to the ever-changing field in order to successfully connect offline and online communities.


I’m kind of weird

— but aren’t we all? I learned and embraced that fact when I was in middle school (perfect timing, right?).

I found that there’s freedom and liberation in being yourself. The first step in getting others to accept who you are is showing that you accept who you are.

I claim my identity and am empowered by it — black, woman, nerd, communicator, poet, community enthusiast, scholar. For this reason, authenticity is key to who I am and how I thrive.

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