The Soundtrack to My Hustle: Five Years of Spotify


This fall, I celebrated five years of commitment to Spotify. I remember our first date like it was yesterday: my friend called me down to the 3rd floor of Hinton James to show me this "cool, new music app." A few weeks and annoying ads later, my premium subscription was born.

In celebration, I'll share four of my favorite Spotify-curated playlists.

Aside from Spotify's socially conscious treasures (Black Lives Matter, W♀MEN Of [Genre] series) and user-tailored gems, these are the all-stars that frequent the rotation when I'm studying or working on something...which is often. 

Who needs coffee when you've got Chance?


Side Note

Side note: I witnessed this moment of pure #BlackBoyJoy in person and yes, it was as glorious and infectious as you think it was.

Let me know which (if any) is your favorite.